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7:45 am Holy Eucharist
10:00 am Church School
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Church of the Angels

1100 Avenue 64
Pasadena, CA 91105
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Email : coa@lafn.org

Rector: Fr. Robert J. Gaestel

Worship on Sunday - The Lord's Day

Church of the Angels in Pasadena offers two services every Sunday in the traditional Episcopal or Anglican form.

Holy Eucharist at 7:45 and 10:15 on Sunday7:45 am - Holy Eucharist

The early service celebrates the Holy Eucharist using the spoken word. The Rector preaches a homily each Sunday. The service is quieter and more contemplative in style, a perfect companion to the warmth and friendliness you will discover here.

10:15 am - Holy Eucharist

The late service celebrates the Holy Eucharist with Hymns, choral and organ music. The Rector preaches a homily each Sunday. Nursery Care is available during this service. At the appropriate point the children return from Church School and the Nursery to join their parents in receiving communion, adding an extra note of liveliness to the events.

Receiving Communion

All baptized persons are invited to receive Communion with us and we hope that you will. You don't need to be Episcopalian. If you have been baptized in any Christian church and you feel drawn to receive Communion, please do so.

Children Welcome

We encourage you to attend worship services with your small child. Children welcome at Church of the Angels in PasadenaYour child is welcome with you in Church, and sometimes small children decide to participate in the songs or prayers - at the Church of the Angels, that participation is welcomed! During the 10:15 am service, we provide a nursery care attendant for children aged infant to 3. The Nursery is located downstairs, using the small stairway at the bell tower. The Nursery includes chairs, a crib and a playpen, along with age-appropriate toys. Restroom facilities and a telephone are also available in the Nursery. If you have any concerns or questions about bringing your small child to church with you, please phone the church office.

About Episcopal Worship

Worshiping at an Episcopal Church for the first time, you may find it a little like jumping aboard a moving train. Immediately after jumping, you may be off balance until your inertia catches up with the train's movement. Once you find your balance, you will have to find the things you need. Where do I sit? Where is the dining car?

Once you have gotten yourself settled, then you can ask the most important question: Where has this train come from, and where is it going?

Episcopal worship is liturgical. That means it follows a set form and everyone has a part to play. To make this easier for you, we will provide you with a service folder that contains everything you need in order to participate. If you choose, you can instead use the Book of Common Prayer and Hymnal.

Service Bulletin: Contains the order of service and tells you the page numbers of the Book of Common Prayer and the Hymnal.

Music Insert: A colored sheet of paper that contains those parts of the service from the Book of Common Prayer that are set to music.

Scripture Insert: A white sheet of paper that gives a brief introduction to the Scripture readings for the Sunday. It also gives the table of Bible readings that you can do at home during the week.

Book of Common Prayer: The red book in the pew rack that contains the worship service.

Hymnal: The blue book in the pew rack that contains the hymns we sing. The numbers indicating which hymns are to be sung and in what order are posted on the hymn board mounted to the right just in front of the choir stalls.

Food for Thought: On the table in the Narthex (the small entry and exit hall), a table contains a copy of the homily preached the preceding week and a one page Bible study on the Sunday readings. Frequently, readings concerning the life of the Church in the world are provided by the Rector or Parish members, and they may be found on the table on the exterior patio.

What We Value

Learn more about our core values and goals by viewing our Church of the Angels Vision and Mission.