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Rector: Fr. Robert J. Gaestel


February 26, The Last Sunday after Epiphany

We close Epiphany hearing the same words with which the season began: "This is my Beloved Son." Instead of a baptism and the descent of a dove, we behold Christ is all his radiant glory as he is Transfigured before his disciples, showing in advance where the journey through Lent and Passiontide will lead.

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February 19, The 7th Sunday after Epiphany

As the season of Epiphany draws to a close, we begin to anticipate the activities of Lent

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February 12, The 6th Sunday after Epiphany

We continue our journey through Epiphany with activities to strengthen our faith and exploring new ways to be of service to the world and Church beyond our parish

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February 12, The 6th Sunday after Epiphany

Funeral for Phil Holmes 

The Liturgy for Christian Burial for Phil Holmes will be Saturday, February 11, 1:00 p.m.  at Church of the Angels.  Following the service there will be a gathering in the Parish Hall which all are invited to attend.  Parishioners Jim Goltz and Lary Ohlson will assist Fr. Bob in the service as readers,  Parishioner Tim down will be one of the eulogists.   Everyone is welcome to attend.


Coffee Hour Sign Up

It is time to sign up for Coffee Hour for the months of January and February.  The Sign Up Sheet is on the coffee table outside Church.

7:45  Feb 12, 19, 26

10:15 Feb 12, 19, 26

 You can sign up by Emailing into the Parish Office:  coa@lafn.org


Opportunity for Altar Flowers

Sundays February , 12, and 19, are open for anyone who might wish to give Altar Flowers if you’d like give flowers on any of those days, email the Parish Office


Secret Handshake Class  Saturday, February 11  10:00 a.m.  Parish Hall Living Room

This Saturday we will explore the history of the Anglican Communion, the world wide body of Christians of which the Episcopal Church in the United States is a part.   We will be seeing the three sections of the film The Story of Anglicanism which was filmed here at Church of the Angels in the 1990s by Fr. Jim Friedrich.   You’ll see that Anglicanism did not start with Henry 8th, but goes back to the very beginning of the Christian Church.

Anyone is welcome to attend any or all meeting.  Either way we should have fun.


Emmaus Road  Monday, February 13,

Emmaus Road continues reading Shusako Endo’s novel, Silence.   The novel, set in 17th Century Japan is about the persecution of Christians and the question of faithfulness: both

the believer’s and God’s.   This book has recently been made into a film by Martin Scorsese.  Several people have already seen the film.  The last opportunity to see the film is today at 5:40 p.m. at the Arc Light in Pasadena.  

 Emmaus Road will discuss the movie along with the book on Monday February 13.


Annual Parish Meeting Highlight

The Annual Parish Meeting was well attended.  The highlight of the meeting was the tribute paid to Tim Down for all his work in shepherding Movie Locations at COA for the last  22 years.   Treasurer Leigh Torgerson made a presentation showing the financial contribution that has come to COA thanks to the movies.  The income since 1996 has been $922,000.00, or round it off to 1 million, all of which has been put back into the parish infrastructure such that we have not had a capital campaign since the Centennial in 1989. 


Tim was presented with a token of our appreciation which you can see below.




Church of the Angels Outreach Caring Ministries

The Outreach Committee is soliciting information from the parish about what kind of outreach activities people are already involved in and/or would like to see the parish work with.  A survey form was made and put out at the Annual Meeting and several people responded.

 We want to give everyone a chance to give their input.  From this the Outreach Committee will begin to develop a Vision and Mission statement along with plans as to how to proceed. 

 The Outreach survey form can be seen below.  It is also attached to By Way of Reminder  so you can fill it out and email it in.  It will also be outside Church on Sunday


Church of the Angels / Community Involvement Survey - 2017


PURPOSE OF THE SURVEY:  As we make plans for the future, the Outreach Committee is taking a look at our community involvement and charitable activities.  Through this survey, we aim to learn how we can address pressing local needs in the community and, at the same time, learn which external  charitable and community activities are of most interest to our parishioners.



  1.  While at COA, have you participated in community outreach activities?  If so, which ones?









  1. Is there a need in the immediate community you'd like to see COA try to address?  Do you have a vision for something we could be doing and making a difference?






  1. Is there a local nonprofit or cause you think we should get involved with, and why? 






  1. Is there anything else you'd like the committee to know as it plans for the year/years ahead? 






Your name

Your email

Your phone number



May we contact you if we have further questions?  



Outreach Caring Ministries:  Book of the Month for Uganda

The Outreach Committee is pleased to announce a Book of the Month Club to benefit the Suubi Children’s Center in Uganda. Anyone can join the club! All you have to do is buy one hardcover book each month (new or gently used). Bring the book to church and we will donate it to the library at the Suubi Children’s Center.

 There will be a theme for the book club each month, and this month (February) we are focusing on biographies. We have created a wish list on Amazon.com. You can see this wish list here:


 You can buy directly from Amazon (new or gently used--and we love library binding), or use the Amazon wish list and buy from your favorite local bookstore. In some cases, a book may be available only in paperback, so that is what we would send.

 If you have questions, contact Kelly Russell at kellylcr@gmail.com. Thanks for your generosity!


Food For Thought

On the Food for Thought Table this Sunday an article about ethics and how we think about it.  The article is titled, The Consequences of Accepting Consequentialism,  from a recent issue of Philosophy Now.   Consequentialism is a subset of the an ethical theory called Utilitarianism which holds that you evaluate the rightness or wrongness of actions on the basis of what brings the greatest good to the greatest number of people.  Consequentialism follows a similar line of thought in that the goodness or badness of an action is dependent soley on the consequences that follow.   We may, without thinking about it, think this way.  But does it really work? 


Things on the Horizon: 

 1.  Shrove Tuesday:  Tuesday March 1

2.  Ash Wednesday:  Wednesday March 2

3.  Episcopal Visitation (A bishop is coming!)  Sunday March 5.

 Film at 11.


February 5, 2017 The 5th Sunday after Epiphany

We have a special guest celebrant and preacher for this coming Sunday

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