June 16, The Holy Trinity

Coffee Hour:  7:45 Bina Luther

                       10:15 Need Volunteer

 LEM & Ushers:  7:45 a.m.  Uz Branson, Patrick Dore

                            10: 15 a.m. Anne Miles, Katie Williamson

                                             Adrian & Jacqueline Beltran

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Ends

After Church: Uganda Craft Sale



The Holy Trinity

Sunday June 16



We are compelled to attempt what is unattainable,

to climb where we cannot reach, to speak what we cannot utter.

Instead of the bare adoration of faith, we are compelled 

to entrust the deep things of religion

to the perils of human expression


St. Hillary of Poitiers 310-367 AD

Bishop of Poitiers and is a Doctor of the Church.



All occasions invite God's mercies

and all times are his seasons


John Donne 1571–1631




One Parish, One Book:   Tonight 7:00 p.m. Parish Hall Living Room


We conclude the book:  Walk in Love .


We will continue to discuss the chapters under the heading of "A Trinitarian Life."  Anyone is welcome to attend and participate even if you don't have the book.  You're welcome to join the conversation of question and answers.



COA Usher's Meeting:  Results of last Sundays discussion

COA ushers and several parishioners met in the Parish Hall Living Room at 9:00 a.m. last week to discuss how we can respond to visitors who have special needs.  The discussion centered on one person in particular who we've all seen, but many do not know.  


The Person's name is Reuben.

Reuben has been frequenting the Church for the last several months.  Most assume he is homeless, but that is not the case.  Jason Cox spent quite a bit of time talking with Reuben and coming to know his situation.


Reuben is afflicted with Schizophrenia.  He is 29 years old and lives with his parents in Highland Park off of Figueroa St.  He is on medication for his condition, but depending on the time he has taken it, he may be more or less lucid.  


Reuben has limited ability to care for himself.  That is evident in terms of appearance in both dress and lack of cleanliness.  He is not at all aggressive, but like so many who are afflicted as he is, he lacks a sense of boundaries and socially acceptable behavior.  At the same time, he likes coming to the Church and he especially enjoys listening to the music.  


People like Reuben make many people uncomfortable for a couple of reasons.  One is that people may feel unsafe.  A second reason for us especially is that as Christians we hold certain values, particularly Jesus's injunction to us to care for those in need.  And so how do we do this?  What about people whose needs exceed our skills?


At the meeting we discussed all these things.  We are grateful to Jason for his insights and his ability as a negotiator to draw Reuben out.  We've come to consensus on the boundaries we will maintain. 


Reuben may come to the 7:45 service.


Reuben is to ask people if he would like coffee or a snack.   This is to maintain proper hygiene. 


Reuben is not to go into the basement.


Reuben must go home before the 10:15 service. 


Jason maintaines that the soft approach is the best one.  Any parishioner can ask Rueben if they can get coffee or a snack.  Any parishioner can say to Reuben at the 10:15 service, "Reuben it is time to go home."  Any parishioner can say to Reuben, "You may not go into the basement. 


The ushers and other parishioners will do this most of the time.  If Reuben is in a particularly mess state, he will be firmly asked to leave and not come back until he cleans himself up.  


We all feel that with everyone understanding the expectations and boundaries we can be both compassionate as Christian people should be, and at the same time maintain appropriate behavior.  


If anyone with concerns, please feel free to talk to Jason Cox, Fr. Bob, the Parish Wardens, or the Ushers.



 The Level III students will be selling Ugandan crafts after the two services this Pentecost Sunday.  The money from the craft sales goes back to women (and some men) living with HIV/AIDS in Bukeka.  They make the crafts from natural materials from plantains and bushes along the River Nile.  They use soil and waste paper and material purchased in nearby Jinja.


They are unable to work the gardens, so they use the money generated by their crafts to buy food to balance their diet, to pay for transportation fares to the national hospitals where they get their Anti-viral medicines, and to pay tuition/school fees for their children.


Some of the people have been able to buy plots of land in Bukeka and put up decent houses.  Some have used the income as start-up capital to start other income generating activities.


Our team of library builders carried back many of the crafts, the Level 3 students are selling them on the patio and the money generated goes much further in Uganda than it would in the U.S. Please look over the assortment of baskets, aprons, chrome book covers, jewelry and other items and see what you would like for yourself or to purchase for friends!


Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Ends for the Summer on Sunday June 16.

Summer Sunday School begins the following Sunday through the summer

This Sunday will be the last session of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd until September.  We thank our Catechists, Tracy, Georgie, Gisa, and Emily for all their care for the spiritual development of our children.


Summer Sunday School will begin Sunday June 23

Gillian Cox will be the summer catechist and will work with those children who are present during the Summer.  The sessions will be stories from the children's Bible and craft activities.  Tracy will be putting together the instruction and craft packages that will be used over the summer months.


Emmaus Road:  Monday June 10, 2019:

For Monday:  Chapter 8  Elaine Pagel's Book Why Religion?

We will conclude our reading and discussion of this book.  As we move into the summer Emmaus Road will shift from books to movies as a source for reflection and discussion.


Up Coming:  COA Game Night:  Saturday June 29, 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Mark your calendars now for Church of the Angels' Game Night - Saturday, June 29, 6:00 - 9:00 pm


Let's party like it's the 20th century! Join us for an evening of old-fashioned fun with board games.We'll have pizza, drinks and games available in the Parish Hall. We need you to bring your favorite games too. There will be a sign-up sheet outside the church on Sunday. Cost: $5 per person (over 12). Contact Kelly Russell with questions and/or suggestions - kellylcrussell@gmail.com

Helping out at Hillsides:  From Chaplain Robin Rhodes


Hello to all of you!

 On Saturday, July 13, 2019 we will meet at Hillsides to make beautiful bracelets to take home!


Please join us for a day of fun!  The event is planned to give you the opportunity to meet some of the children at Hillsides and to do a fun craft, side by side with some of them.


There will also be a tour of the new buildings! I hope you can join us and I look forward to seeing you there!

Please RSVP is you think you might make it! Thanks!



Chaplain Robin

June 9, 2019