May 26 Sixth Sunday of Easter

Coffee Hour:  7:45 Sonia & Frank Varela

                       10:15 Jesse & Melissa Clemens

 LEM & Ushers:  7:45 a.m. Nancy Ohlson Laura Serafini

                            10: 15 a.m. Jim Gruettner, Kris Hillary

                                                     Jeremy and Marti Lott

7:00 -9:30 p.m. Jouyssance Rehearsal: Parish Hall May 19 Fifth Sunday of Easter


One Parish, One Book:   Tonight 7:00 p.m. Parish Hall Living Room


We will reflect on Chapters 16 & 17 From the book:  Walk in Love .

The subjects are:  Prayer & The Church.  Anyone is welcome to attend and participate even if you don't have the book.  You're welcome to join the conversation of question and answers.


Emmaus Road:  Monday May 27, 2019:

For Monday:  Chapter 5  Elaine Pagels's book:  Why  Religon?   


From Kelly Brant:  The Grave of Mrs. Campbell-Johnston


Hi Fr. Bob, 


Today I visited the grave site of Mr. & Mrs. Campbell -Johnston at the Brompton Cemetery in London. 

I thanked them both on behalf of the COA parish and assured them that their little church on the “ranch” property is alive and well.

The cemetery is loaded with angels, some of which reminded me of our sundial angel w/ cross.




Church Restoration:  From Eric Jones:

Bench Restoration Completed


Hi Father Bob,


Here are the progress pictures of the benches during construction and some of them finished.  I tried to whittle it down, but can't get it down to less than 18, so in the end, I decided to let you choose which ones you thought were the most important to tell the story.


Outwardly, they look just like the old ones, but there are a few design improvements which should make them a little more durable and less creaky over time.  For instance, the top rail is chiseled into the side leg pieces giving a much stronger joint and there is a concealed metal bar across the bottom of the seat that will keep it from splitting like some of the old ones have.


However, they are of the same wood as the original pews, vertical grain Douglas fir.  It is typically a very soft wood and I am expecting a lot of scratches, dings and dents during the first year- or even months.  These are to be expected and will be touched up as they occur.  In the end, they will match the "patina" that our other benches have.  

Outreach:  Uganda Craft Sale

We sold $300 worth of crafts in April and May and will sell again on Pentecost before we send the money to Global Hands of Hope.  


The money from the craft sales goes back to women (and some men) living with HIV/AIDS in Bukeka.  They make the crafts from natural materials from plantains and bushes along the River Nile.  They use soil and waste paper and material purchased in nearby Jinja.


They are unable to work the gardens, so they use the money generated by their crafts to buy food to balance their diet, to pay for transportation fares to the national hospitals where they get their Anti-viral medicines, and to pay tuition/school fees for their children.


Some of the people have been able to buy plots of land in Bukeka and put up decent houses.  Some have used the income as start-up capital to start other income generating activities.


Our team of library builders carried back many of the crafts, the Level 3 students are selling them on the patio and the money generated goes much further in Uganda than it would in the U.S. Please look over the assortment of baskets, aprons, chrome book covers, jewelry and other items and see what you would like for yourself or to purchase for friends!

Uganda Crafts will be on sale again on the Sunday of Pentecost:

Pentecost:  June 9 

Food For Thought

On the Food For Thought Table this Sunday, two articles.

1.  From The Wall Street Journal, A New Take on the Apostle Paul.  This short article discusses some reconsideration taking place among Protestant Christians about the issue of faith vs. works in the scheme of salvation.  This was the issue at the heart of the Reformation over 500 years ago.  As the intensity has cooled over the last few years, new perspectives have emerged and most importantly, Lutherans and Roman Catholics issued a joint document on the issue of Justification in which both groups reached an agreement.  Still, at the end of the article, the issue is still live as we are immersed in a political culture of "virtue signaling."


2.  From The Economist, Beauty of Humans.  This is an obituary of Jean Vanier who died recently.  Vanier was the founder of the L'Arche Communities that provide a supportive home environment for developmentally disabled people.  Some of you may remember Shanna Tellez's powerfully moving Saint Story about Jean Vanier many years ago.  


Up Coming:  Choir  BBQ

Fr. Bob will host a Barbecue for the Choir and their significant others (Insignificant Others are welcome as well) at the Rectory on Saturday June 1.  This is chance to relax and enjoy each other's company, and for Fr. Bob to thank the Choir for all it does for us.  More information will follow as the day draws closer.  


Up Coming:  Parent and Children BBQ

We will have our Beginning of Summer BBQ for Parents and Children at the Rectory on Saturday June 8.  This is always a fun event and we hope everyone can come.  More information will follow as the day draws closer. 



early music ensemble

2018-19 SEASON


The canterbury tales
A pilgrimage in song


Sunday, June 9, 2019  4 p.m.
Church of the Angels
1100 Avenue 64, Pasadena

Profane, earthy, and occasionally pious, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales present the stories of 14th century pilgrims journeying to the famed English cathedral. Jouyssance will enliven these tales with music by leading composers of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, including Fayrfax, Tallis, Power, Morley, and Lasso. 


Available in advance or at the door (cash, check, credit card)

$25 (general admission)
$20 (senior or SCEMS member)
$15 (students)
Discounts available for groups of 6 or more
(please call 213 533 9922 or email