Whoever you are, and wherever you find yourself in your spiritual life, you are welcome here.


Our congregation is united by a faith tradition that is both contemplative and intellectually stimulating. The Episcopal Church is part of the Anglican Communion, which means that we are joined in fellowship with Anglican denominations all over the world. However, it is also a uniquely American faith (many of our nation’s Founding Fathers were Episcopalian) that combines a set of structured worship rituals with a theology that is balanced between “Scripture, Tradition, and Reason.” From the beautiful hymns to the age-old prayers to the thought-provoking sermons, we seek to provide a space for you to encounter the love of God in Christ within our walls, while also preparing you to carry that experience into the rest of your daily life.

A Historic Church 

Church of the Angels is the oldest church along the Arroyo (at 127 years and counting), and has been lovingly maintained and repaired throughout the years. It provides us with an exquisite space in which to commune with God and with each other. If you’ve found yourself longing for a more intimate, sacred environment in which to practice your faith, we know that you’ll feel at home inside our stone chapel, facing our magnificent stained-glass window. In some ways, the beauty of our church building reflects our faith itself; we honor the tried-and-true ways of the past, while simultaneously raising them up into the present.


A Living Community

In this church, people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds come together to turn towards the altar, sing hymns, and hear Scripture that has nourished Christians for centuries. While we draw our wisdom from the past, we are committed to making the love of Christ visible in all that we do, both within the community and beyond its borders. We also seek to pass on our faith to the next generation of believers, through our nationally recognized children’s program, The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.