Vision and Mission

Offering the best of the Christian Faith to the best of our ability

Core Purpose

In all we do we nourish Christ’s people from the riches of his grace to strengthen us to glorify God in this life and in the life to come.

Core Values

  • The glory of God is Man and Woman fully alive.
  • In Jesus Christ we find the fullness of God and the decisive key to the meaning of human existence.
  • Affirmation is at the heart of all that is.
  • All of life is seen through the lens of hope: the firm conviction that the promises we know by faith will be fulfilled and that God is providing in the present moment everything necessary to reach the future promise. This hope is the foundation of joy.
  • We cherish reconciliation so that when we hurt each other, we recognize and acknowledge our fault and seek each others forgiveness and God’s, and when forgiveness is asked for, it is granted.
  • Church of the Angels is to be a place where people can live the Christian life in depth and experience joy in doing so.

Goals that Flow from These Values

  • Appreciation and respect for each other’s gifts and sense of the faith.
  • People will be given the opportunity to use their gifts and talents to the fullest extent possible which will be a source of strength to every other member.
  • It will be easy for new people to join and find a home here.
  • Using those sources that make us a community of faith, we will be a support for one another in time of crisis and joy.
  • We will successfully pass on the faith to our children so that they will remain and participate in the Christian community for the whole of their life. We will support them in their journey to adulthood so that one day we all may stand together as adults and friends, a joy and comfort to one another all the days of our lives.
  • In the passing on of the faith to our children and others who come to us, adults will grow in grace so as to experience all that the Gospel promises.
  • We will make an invaluable contribution to the Church beyond our parish. We will be an indispensible player in the History of the Kingdom of God.

Practical Life

Our buildings are the instruments to facilitate these goals. We will insure that they will be able to do this by our continued upkeep.

Our people’s stewardship of time, talent, and treasure will be characterized by generosity and magnanimity. This will result in sufficient means to carry out the parish’s work and meet new opportunities as they arise. Our people’s giving will continue beyond their lifetime until the Parousia.

Our people will offer themselves for the ministries now carried on both within and beyond the parish community, and things not yet thought of but residing in our hearts waiting to be born.